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Music Therapy for Cognition & Attention

The Dynamic Difference

Music Therapy can be an effective way to learn new skills, regain skills that have been lost, and support overall cognitive development. At Dynamic Lynks, we use neuroscience-informed approaches to support cognitive and attention skill building. Activities and exercises are created to support brain development through joy, play, and musical exploration.

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Who Do We Support?

Our therapists are trained to work with all ages and diverse support needs through evidence-based protocols to develop cognitive skills such as attention, social cognition, and executive function skills.

Our highly-skilled team is eager to support you in reaching your goals!

Autistic & Neurodivergent

Differently wired brains learn differently! Our team uses music to support the diverse ways our clients take in information.

Rhythm, melody, and many aspects of music can be used to support sustained, selective, alternating, and divided attention.


Musical play provides opportunities for skill building, engagement, and joint attention across all ages of childhood.


Music is a subcortical experience that can support individuals of all ages and cognitive abilities.


Music Therapy and Executive Function Skills

Executive functions are a set of mental skills that help us with everyday tasks, social interactions, cognitive demands, and emotional understanding. In EF sessions and groups at Dynamic Lynks, we work on these critical skills through music, play, and teamwork!


Our programs use a social cognitive lens to executive functions, with a focus on neural development and neuroscience-informed approaches. Our team explores each child's diverse brain to provide tangible supports and strategies to navigate executive function challenges.

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